Cotton Candy Kisses

Sweet as sugar
Pure as any other,
A feather light touch
A second where our lips meet,
When you kiss me hello
Or smooch me goodbye,
The sweet innocence
Yet deep intense passion,
Romantic and sensual,
The world seems simple
And life bright and cheery,
All with one sweet kiss

Letters Never Sent

I wrote a letter
To demand answers,
I poured my soul
Into the printed words,
Tears stained the pages
And smeared my thoughts,
I wrote a letter
Wishing to know
Why you never loved
Your first born child,
Did you easily forget
Or did you pretend
Your seed was never shared?
Was it easy to
Just walk away,
Years later I wondered
If you admitted to fatherhood
Before your other children,
I wrote this all
In a letter,
Sealed it with a tear,
Added it to several more,
Of letters never sent,
For if you were to answer
With truth or lies
It matters not,
If you were to answer
I would have to admit
To being your daughter


In a book
With edges frayed
And pages worn,
There I once
Wrote of a
Love I thought so pure,
A love that consumed
My very soul,
Was I too young
Was I naive,
Does love truly exist
Or is it just
A passing fade,
Words written in happiness
Words written in hope,
Written with no
Knowledge of heartbreak,
A life I never wish
To write about again,
I wish for a devotion
Without lies
Without deceptions,
I wish to erase
The days I was blinded
By an impure love


Liquid fire passes
My lips and across my tongue,
Managing to sooth
yet burn all the same,
The first dose is measures
Until the tears refuse to cease,
The bottle tips
Pouring clear relief,
All I wish is an end
An end to this inconsolable grief,
Though the end is but
A momentary lapse,
A pause is all I can wish,
I'm drowning inside a bottle
A bottle clear and cold

Behind The Door

A wooden door
Stands before,
Blocking the way in,
Keeping the outside world
Unable to cross the threshold,
This door also
Locks in the cries of anguish,
The light creeps
Through the corners,
Beckoning from a life unknown,
What lays beyond this door
That guards my heart,
What lays beyond the walls
That guard my soul,
What lays beyond this life
That I have lived so long,
A jumble of keys
Surely one must fit,
One step out to feel
The sunshine upon my skin,
One moment to take in
A breath of air fresh,
One step out this door
To a new life

Cooling of the Days

Crunch crunch crunch...
Crisp and cool beneath my shoes,
Down the path I make my way
To find myself another day,
This journey controls my time
And captures my soul,
My eye watching careful
For a sight to freeze behind the lens,
As the sun slips from
The cerulean sky,
Frost attempts to share his chill,
Crunch crunch crunch...
Leaves of amber and auburn
Float to the ground
Like falling tears from the trees,
The days of summer have gone
Draining color from the hours,
Soon the winds will blow
With curtains of white closing,
Crunch crunch crunch...

Escape the Rain

Like a flash in the darkness
Grief rips apart my soul,
In an instant so brief
All the walls have
Been burnt to the ground,
Leaving me raw and exposed
Unable to turn the pain away,
Of all the things I had
Built barriers against
Suddenly were able to attack
Deep down to my soul,
Grief opened the door
And tore apart my defenses,
All the memories I was able to hide from
Rain down on my skin like frozen needles,
Now I lay here on the floor
Unable to speak
Unable to feel beyond
The urge to tip back the bottle,
And for even for a moment in time
I could forget the pain
And escape the rain,
My body aches
And my thirst has no delay
My heart feels as if
All I had loved is gone,
For just a moment
Can I escape the rain?
Can I hide the pain?
For just a moment

About this blog...

All poems posted here are written by myself, and I hope the ownership of my work will be respected.

I am 25 years old, and have been writing since I was 8. All poetry is dedicated to the teacher, Miss Charlotte, who first introduced me to this genre of writing.


I use several writing prompts, mostly photographic prompts, for my work. Often when I am not consumed by a thought or emotion, I need a little help in writing. I subscribe to two photo blogs as listed further below for prompts. I also take challenges to write about random words on my Twitter. A new challenge I am using is from Deviant Art. I look at the first page of the most popular photography in the last 8 hours and take one to write about.